GRAY MACKENZIE & PARTNERS is the leading distributor of licensed branded beverages in Abu Dhabi, with the parent company ADMMI having an experience of more than a century in the gulf region.

The marketing of licensed beverages in the Middle East involves special considerations not applicable elsewhere. Knowledge of, and sensitivity to, local customs and attitudes is essential, in addition to a full understanding of the regulatory issues involved. These are the qualities which help us to connect with our customers at every touch point.

Our leadership is well established in both the On-Trade and Off-Trade channels. Two vital factors contribute to GMP Beverages’ market leadership. First, there is the unparalleled quality of our distribution and logistics functions – strengths fundamental to the success of ADMMI across many of its divisions. The second is an exhaustive local expertise, acquired over decades of successful operations in the Gulf.

In Retail Sales, GMP Beverages is the acknowledged market leader, with six stores at premium Abu Dhabi locations & more to come soon.

GMP builds long-term sustainable partnerships across multiple beverage categories. Our continued success comes from a combination of unique logistics capabilities, an in depth understanding of the local beverage landscape and investments in fresh retail concepts.

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+971 2 671 4400